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Teaching and learning is a dynamic process, often requires high flexibility. The recent pandemic has complemented altogether a new dimension of teaching-learning methodology, where the tutor and tutee are physically disconnected, while trying to get connected relying on a good amount of technology and aide. It is certainly a challenging task for any teacher to be adaptive to the new circumstances, and one need to be a technical savvy to be a resourceful teacher. And the future demands it. Here the role of the teacher changes from a tutor to a technically conversant resource person. On the other hand, the students have to cope with their peerless virtual classroom, all remote, continuous exposure to lights, and compounding preparatory home works, tests, and so on.

With this outlook, we at Vivekananda Vidyalaya are preparing ourselves to be more diligent in our approach, either on-line or on-campus teaching mode. The school has created a congenial ambience for learning, with a band of dedicated and trained faculty. And it is our vision to build this Institution, as a knowledge hub to nurture the young minds for their life-long learning. All the above, the management is squarely conscious about the need for imparting value based education, to respect and appreciate the resounding wisdom of our ancient nation.

It is our commitment to inspire staff, students and community to work together to promote self-reliance and self-actualization of the young minds. Our efforts will continue!.

Dr. S. Karthik Narayan